What the fuck is Interrupt.Club?

Interrupt.Club is an online learning community for college students and working professionals looking for guidance on how to prepare for coding interviews and enhance their programming skills.

Namaste Internet,

My name is Dinesh Verma and welcome to Interrupt.Club.

Interrupt.Club is an online learning community created to help out college students and working professionals looking to upskill themselves. We help our members prepare for coding interviews by helping them conquer Data structures and Algorithms, Low-Level System design & High-Level System design.

I know how lost you can feel while preparing for coding interviews without proper guidance. I have been there myself. 10 years ago when I was preparing for companies visiting my campus, I had no idea how to prepare for these coding interviews - how to get started with data structures, what Networking/DBMS questions to prepare for and how to focus on communication.

What's the plan?

The plan here is to create a community where people with multiple years of experience can come together and help college students and working professionals upskill themselves. I will also be inviting people from the industry, to share their experiences and anecdotes from years of experience. They will also be sharing tips/tricks for cracking these coding interviews, frequently asked questions and much more.

Who am I?

My name is Dinesh Verma and I am working as a Senior Technical Lead at VYMO and I have a total of 10+ years of experience in building and breaking things as a Software Engineer. In these 10+ years, I have worked on multiple projects, created multiple apps & services, brought down production environments multiple times, received a few awards and won a few corporate football tournaments.

Over the years, I have taken more than 500+ interviews ranging from Interns to Senior Architects. When you have taken so many interviews, you get a fair idea of what it takes to crack an interview. You understand the expectations from a coding round and things you can do to impress the interviewer.

You can head over to the About Us to read more about me and the team.

We need your support !!

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