1. We have compiled a list of job openings for freshers and recent graduates who looking forward to start their career with a great company. This list contains all the job openings from the month of June, 2024 and these companies are actively looking for entry level SDE positions.

  2. The difference between panic and error is fairly simple. Panics are unhandled exceptions that occur at runtime, whereas error is an object that is coded and returned by the coder when something has gone wrong (validation error). Its a fairly common practice in golang to recover from (catch) a panic and convert it to error so that it can be handled by code more gracefully.

  3. Interrupt.Club is an online learning community for college students and working professionals looking for guidance on how to prepare for coding interviews and enhance their programming skills. We help our members with the preparation of Data Structures, System Design, Low-Level Design and much more.